An EI Story.
How does Emotional Intelligence

really work?

“There was once a man who, mysteriously, woke up in an open field. The field was bleak and gray, nothing but rocks, the wind stale. He stood up and walked, trying to find something.

From a distance, he saw light coming from a wide hole, with what looks like people hunching over it. As he got closer, he noticed that the people were holding spoons with long handles, and in the center of the hole was a pot of stew.

The group obviously looked starving, their faces look gaunt, their bodies so thin. The long handle of the spoon helps with reaching the stew, but it is so long that they couldn’t put it in their mouths. Obviously frustrated and hungry, they started fighting.

The man approached the group, grabbed one spoon, and proceeded to scoop from the pot. He then directed the spoon to the man across from him, feeding him. The others followed him, and they were all happy to be able to eat.

What’s the lesson in this story? If you ask the group of people with long spoons if they can eat the stew, they will answer yes. But if you ask them how, then they are lost.

With emotional intelligence,
it’s NOT about
CAN you do it? but
HOW would you do it?”

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